Cultured Marble Mold & 

Equipment Packages

Your molds will be the backbone of your business so your mold selection is very important. Below are various size mold and equipment packages and though we feel any one of the packages will make you successful, we understand you may have your own ideas on what satisfies your local market. 

We have a huge selection of molds to choose from and nobody starts with all of them but we like to see a new manufacturer have a versatile enough selection of molds to be able to manufacturer what their customer demands.  Some molds require very little effort to make a product and others require more.  There are instances where one mold may serve the purpose of a half dozen different mold designs and though it may take a bit more time and effort to get the end result, we want you to be able to satisfy the customer’s needs. We’ll discuss many of these scenarios with you during our mold selection process and learn these processes in training.  With your input and our experience, we’ll work closely with you to know your needs and put together the perfect package and stay within your budget. Regardless of size, every factory we set up is an exciting project and the most important step is to simply get started. We know you will expand quickly as you move forward and you will learn that there is nothing you cannot make if you have the mold to produce it. 

The equipment is equally important because at the end of the day you want to have produced as much product as possible. All of the layouts at the bottom of the Equipment Page move the molds through the manufacturing process. The larger packages allow for higher production by having more mold capacity and include some pieces that make the manufacturing process a little easier and faster.  We’ll discuss all the details in advance and build a manufacturing system that is perfect for you and within your budget. All of the same equipment is used whether you’re manufacturing cultured marble, onyx, granite, spray granite or any other product or formula.

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