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Sunrise International Company - Your guide for establishing a new cultured marble or solid surface factory.

Can you think of any other manufacturing business that you can start for under $100,000 that will produce a product that is used in almost every home and business in the world?  This is why you see so many cultured marble factories in America and is becoming more popular in overseas markets. Anyone who lives in or has visited the United States knows that cast polymer products are the most commonly used building material in the bathroom and kitchen. You won’t visit a home, hotel, or commercial establishment that does not use it in some form whether it is marble, onyx, granite, solid surface or one of the other formula variations you’ll see on the Formula page.

Many people only relate these products to vanity tops or counter tops because that is all they’ve ever seen but as a manufacturer you’ll make more money producing bathtubs, shower pans, shower surrounds, wall paneling, flooring, large ‘L’ shaped counter tops, dressing tables, soap dishes, trim molding, columns and custom surfaces limited only by your imagination.

Manufacturing marble offers a great opportunity because:

  • You'll have a market during good times (new construction) or slow times (remodeling). When new construction slows down and people aren’t buying new homes, they're remodeling their existing homes and bathrooms and kitchens are the first rooms a homeowner will remodel.
  • You're actually manufacturing a product rather than simply buying a product and reselling it so you’ll realize higher profit margins.  The economic prosperity of post-war America was due to manufacturing. 
  • Not only will you market your products wholesale but you can enjoy even higher profits by selling retail out of your own showroom. 
  • Being the manufacturer you can produce customized products that are not available anywhere in your market.  The more custom a product is, the more profit margins you can realize.
  • Creates jobs while at the same time uses local raw materials. Man-made marble is made using 75% limestone, which is available everywhere in the world.
  • There is no waste or hazardous materials to dispose of. 
There is no better product in the world for bathrooms and kitchens because it is so versatile and there are molds available to produce a huge variety of products. Two of the biggest selling items for a manufacturer are shower pans and shower surrounds. Grout in a tiled shower will absorb water and create a breeding ground for mold and mildew.  If you know someone with allergy problems the first thing they should consider doing is replacing their tiled shower surround with marble wall panels.  Contractors like large marble panel shower surrounds because they are simple and fast to install as it only involves installing three large panels which can be done in a single day.  Tiling a shower surround may take several days to install because there are several steps to completing a tile shower surround. The end user will love your shower surrounds because they are so easy to clean and maintain.

To establish a new factory, you will need:

1)    Molds

2)    Equipment

3)    Supplies

4)   Training & Support  ... and all of these are equally important to establish a successful business.

Molds: The molds will the backbone of your business. If you have the mold (form) you can manufacture anything. To produce a bathtub, you will need a bathtub mold; to produce wall panels and shower surrounds, you will need the wall panel mold, etc. On the Home page, there is a link for Molds that will show you hundreds of various styles and sizes of molds to choose from but after you contact us through the Contact page link, we'll send you some Mold & Equipment Packages in various price ranges. These packages contain molds to produce products commonly used in bath and kitchen installations but keep in mind that you make any changes to your package that you want.  I recommend to simply purchasing a package that meets your budget, attend one of our training classes, and at the end of training, we’ll sit down with you and modify your package, removing those items you don’t want included and adding those items you do want included in your package.

Unlike some places who will dictate what molds they want to sell you, we’ll be discussing molds in great detail during your training and we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of various molds for your situation.  There are some molds that are more versatile than other similar molds so we’ll show you how one mold might serve the purpose of a half dozen or more molds.  Some are more specific and custom which may or may not suit your market.  You’ll even learn some tips on how to produce some molds on your own for some applications.  So, don’t be concerned about your final mold selection at this point because one thing for sure, you’ll know exactly what you want to include in your package after you’ve attended training and will surely make changes to it.  With our experience and your input we will put together a package of molds that is perfect for you and your market and not molds that end up setting in your racks collecting dust and not make you money.

Equipment: Every factory needs an eco-friendly, organized manufacturing system to manufacture in an efficient manner. This is becoming even more crucial in our ever-changing and competitive world. The Equipment page will show a small, basic factory layout but regardless of the size of the factory, every mold has to follow the same path as shown in the drawing.  Just as everybody’s budget is different, every structure is unique as well.  We will skillfully lay out a smooth running system for you that is specific to your budget and building specs.  The objective is to give you a balance of molds and equipment that will increase your daily production while at the same time decrease your labor cost. Our system will save you a tremendous amount of space, allowing you to utilize four times more molds in the same amount of space.  If you can quadruple the size of your mold inventory in the same space, what will that do to your production, not to mention your overhead?  As with the mold selection, we will sit down with you on the last day of training and put together a good balance of molds and equipment based on your budget.

Supplies: These are some miscellaneous Supply Items like mold release waxes, pigments, divider bars etc. that are needed in the manufacturing process.  You will receive a list of these items with your inquiry response.  We don’t expect you to know what each of these items are but we’ll use each and every one of them during your training course.  You will be able to find most of these items locally or something suitable but we recommend you include at least a small supply package so you’ll have a sample of each item when you start sourcing these items locally.  Again, on the last day of training we will go through each item so you can decide what you want to include in your package.

Training: We conduct training classes for all of our customers who buy a mold and equipment package from us and this is one of the most important things to setting up and operate a successful factory.  Think of your marble factory as being a computer. You can have the best hardware in the world but if you don’t have the right software (training), it’s going to malfunction. We have built the best Training program in the industry because we know that training is crucial for your business to succeed.  We guarantee that after attending our training class you will be able to go home and produce the highest quality products possible.

It is less important what size a factory you start with and more important that you simply get started.We give every new factory the same attention whether they start large or small.

We have made two Implementation Schedules that will give you an approximate idea when you can expect to start production after you’ve purchased a package.  One is for someone establishing a factory here in the USA and another schedule is for setting up a factory Overseas. Ocean shipments will vary depending on country destination and local customs clearance schedules.

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