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We train all of our customers who purchase a mold and equipment package to be successful entrepreneurs, manufacturing superior quality cultured marble and other cast polymer engineered stone products.

Training is the most important part in establishing a factory.  We can conduct training here at our facility here in the USA but most prefer us to come to their factory to also assist in setting up their factory prior to training them and their employees.  Training in your factory will allow you get first hand experience using your equipment, your molds and your raw materials.  It also allows your employees to be trained first-hand by a professional vs you having to go home and train them.  We take training very seriously and after setting up new factories for over 25 years and training individuals who are unfamiliar with these products, we know the step-by-step approach to make it easy to comprehend.

After the factory is set up, the first step is factory safety and safety in handling the raw materials.  You’ll learn the proper mold break-in procedures, setting up molds for achieving the end result, formulas & techniques that are included on the Formulas page and detailing the finished products. In a classroom environment, we’ll use a Chalk Board to write down and discuss each formula prior to going in to the factory to perform the task.  We always make sure every individual masters each step before moving on to the next.

Some bathrooms and kitchens require using multiple molds and in some cases there may be more than one mold that will make the product you need.  For example, to make a vanity top, there are modular molds, all purpose molds, floating, under mount, drop-in and vessel bowls.  You may have a stand alone tub, a typical bathtub installation of various sizes and a bathtub installation with a tub deck. We’ll explain which molds are needed for any applications and many times you may have more one than mold to do the job. In these cases we’ll explain why one mold may be more advantages than another to produce exactly what the customer needs.

There are many formulas and variations of formulas.  Not every factory intends on producing all of them but we will go over each one so you will know how to do them, the raw materials needed in each case, and discuss costing and pricing of each of them.

Prior to your molds and equipment arriving your factory we will have discussed raw material suppliers with you so they can be in-house prior to setting up the factory.  Raw materials can vary from supplier to supplier around the world so we may request buying small quantities from more than one supplier to test their performance. We will spend the first couple of days testing and adjusting formulas based on the performance of each one of them.  We’ll also consider logistics and pricing to decide which is the best choice for you.  

Our goal is to leave each factory with the knowledge to fully take ownership of their factory and run with it, producing the most exquisite products their market has ever seen, on the very first day.  There will be no costly and time consuming trial-and-error methods or need to re-invent the wheel.

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