Advanced Gel Coat Spray System PhotoAdvanced Gel Coat Spray System with Price Simple Cup Gun - Good for backup and small touchup projects.

An advanced Gel Coat Spray System for a Cultured Marble Factory

A good gel coat system (on left) will pay for itself in a short period of time. A small cup gun (on right) may suffice to spray granite, do small touch-ups, or use for a backup, but it is not cost effective for production.  When you calculate the cost of wasted gel coat and the additional time (labor cost) it requires using a cup gun, you will find that it is wasting dollars that will pay for a good system.

Gel-Coat Spray System :
  • Air Assist Containment, HVLP, Airless External Mix Gel-Coat System
  • Portable Base Mounted
  • Factory Assembled

Standard Components : 

Item Code Description of Items
LPA2-100 AAC LPA-II-AAC Airless Spray Gun
LPA2-147-2150 Resin Nozzle, Tungsten Carbide
LPA2-120G Catalyst Nozzle Tip Assembly
P-313-01 Material Pump Assembly, 13:1 Ratio
lpa-160-03 Catalyst Slave Pump Assembly
GAM-268 Material Pump Pick-Up Kit, 3/4"
20195-25 Material Hose Assembly, 25 Ft.
E-117-25 Catalyst Hose Assembly, 25 Ft.
D-150-3 Gun Seal Kit.
17440-00 Grounding Clamp Assembly
User Manuals

Optional Items:
Everything below is optional spare parts :

Item Code Description of Items
20500-01 LPA-III-AAC Spray Gun
20195-25 Material Hose Assembly
LPA-165 Catalyst Supply Bottle
LPA-170 Bottle Bracket

When purchasing the optional 21191-F filter assembly, the following items will also need to be purchased :

Item Code Description of Items
8462-17 Nipple Fitting
11021-24 Plug Fitting
21192-00 Valve
8462-15 Nipple Fitting
14626-01 Adapter Fitting
4342-23 Elbow Fitting

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