Cultured Marble Manufacturing Supplies

Recommended Package of Miscellaneous Supplies, Tools and Equipment for a Cultured Marble factory

There are some tools and supplies that are needed to manufacture cultured marble. If you are establishing your factory here in the U.S. we can simply give you a list of various suppliers for these items. If you are manufacturing overseas, we recommend including a supply package with your order so when the container(s) arrive, we can unload the container, set up the factory and start manufacturing. After you’ve become familiar with these items, you can start sourcing these items locally.

Description of Items Unit/Size

Pigments (Come in 5 pound cartons):
Almond (ATH-1424) Per Pound
American Brown (ATH-3158) Per Pound
Antique Red (ATH-3588) Per Pound
Black (ATH-1358) Per Pound
Blueberry (ATH-2239) Per Pound
Bone (ATH-2036) Per Pound
Cappuccino (ATH-4164) Per Pound
Classic Gray (ATH-1353) Per Pound
Dark evergreen (ATH-2677) Per Pound
Desert Bloom (ATH-3565) Per Pound
Dusty Rose (ATH-4532) Per Pound
Dresden Blue (ATH-2219) Per Pound
Expresso (ATH-3162) Per Pound
Fawn Beige (ATH-3173) Per Pound
Glacier Blue (ATH-2255) Per Pound
Heron Blue (ATH-2247) Per Pound
Ice Gray (ATH-1349) Per Pound
Innocent Blush (ATH-3531) Per Pound
Island Sea (ATH-2243) Per Pound
Logenberry(ATH-4530) Per Pound
Orchid(ATH-3584) Per Pound
Parchment (ATH-3151) Per Pound
Peach Blossom (ATH-3567) Per Pound
Sterling Silver (ATH-1361) Per Pound
White Titanium Dioxide Per 50 pounds

Polyethylene Divider Bars :
3/8" X 3/4" X 8' Each
1/2" X 3/4" X 8' Each
3/4" X 3/4" X 8' Each
1" X 3/4" X 8' Each
1-1/2" X 3/4" X 8' Each

AluminiumDivider Bars :
104" Bullnose Each
Bullnose Inside Corner Radius Each
Bullnose Outside Corner Radius Each
104" Round Each
Round Outside Corner Radius Each
Round Inside Corner Radius Each
104" O-Gee Each
O-Gee Outside Corner Radius Each
O-Gee Inside Corner Radius Each

Equipment & Hardware :
1-1/4" Carbide Tipped Hole Saw Each
Clay Extruding Machine Each

Spray Gun & Related Items :
Cup Gun Each
Spray Gun Cups (500 per case) Each
1000 ML Plastic Spray Cup Each
Disposable Cup Bags (BX/100) Each
Extra Cup Lid Each
Extra Nozzles (#6 and #8) Each
Extra O-Rings Each
O-Ring Repair Kit Each

Miscellaneous Tools& Supplies :
Protective Plastic Film Each
Tooling Clay Per Pound
Polycollars Each
Fillet Tools Each
Aluminum Washer Template for Drains Each
Matrix Knives - Stainless Steel Each
Catalyst Measuring Dispensers Each
110 lb/ 50 Kilogram Scales Each
Matrix Bucket Cleaning Brush Each
Lint Free Wiping Cloths (25 lbs box) Each
3/4" Double Sided Tape (48 Rolls per case) Each
3/4" Masking Tape Each
5/8" Faucet Knockouts Each
1/2" Faucet Knockouts Each
Overflow Hose (Roll of 100 feet) Each
Plastic Demolding Wedges Each
Pigment 3 oz. Mixing Cups (500) Each
Pigment Stir Sticks (500/Box) Each
China Markers (12/Box) Each
Rubber Mallet Each
End Stop Divider Square Each
Tri-Square Each
Gloves - Disposable 100/BX-10/CS Each
Brass Resin Faucet Each
Drum Heating Belt (110V/220V) Each
Drum Cradle Each

Sandpaper/Abrasive Supplies :
60 Grit Dry Sandpaper - 25/Pkg Each
36 Grit Sanding Discs - 25/Pkg Each
220 Wet/Dry Sandpaper - 25/Pkg Each
320 Wet/Dry Sandpaper - 25/Pkg Each
400 Wet/Dry Sandpaper - 25/Pkg Each
600 Wet/Dry Sandpaper (25 Sheets) Each
Buffing Pads (100% Wool) Each
Buffing Pad Cleaning Tool Each

Daily Use Waxes :
#69 Liquid Release & Cleaning Wax 5 Gallon
#333 Mold Release 1 Pound
Slurry Wax (Hat & Flange Wax) 5 Gallon
#218 Polywipe (For high marble gloss) 1 Gallon

Waxes to Condition Molds :
#86 Seal Coat 1 Gallon
#1000 Hi-Temp Sealing Wax 1 Pound

Buffing Compounds :
Course Buffing Compound - Brick Per Pound
Fine Buffing Compound - Brick Per Pound

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