Testimonials from some factories that we've setup :

For the past eighteen years my brother and I have had an association with Doyle Kaufman who first introduced us to the cultured marble business. Doyle both trained and guided us through the entire process of ordering the proper equipment, setting up an efficient production line, ordering the necessary raw materials, and most importantly, teaching us how to produce a superior product. Over the years our business affiliation has evolved into a friendship that has remained to this day. We continue to use Doyle as a resource for his technical expertise and knowledge of the evolving cultured marble business, and look forward to his continued support.
Lou Talantikite, Talantikite Composite.

Hey Doyle, Thank you very much for the week.  We all left Birmingham on Saturday with the feeling that we can make marble. To be honest, we have all been very worried about getting this business off the ground, but now we have a whole new outlook.  I am sure that we will hit many "speed bumps" along the way, but we feel that the training was great.  I have to tell you that we all had doubts about trying to train in a working factory, but I think that was the best environment that we could have been in.  I am going to try not to bother you too much, but I have you on speed dial in my cell phone and I am sure that you will hear from me often once production begins.  Again, thank you for all of your help.
- Bill

Hey Doyle, Glad to hear that you made it home fine. I really did enjoy the training as well and can't thank you enough for all you have done for us.  Along the way I said a few negative things in emails and had a bad attitude at times. I am very sorry for any rude or offensive things I might have said along the way. When I look back on everything, and after getting to know you, I can see that there is no other way to start up a shop- than with you. You have such a caring personality and I can see in you that you really do want to help others-bottom line. We will benefit 1000 times (or more) in the future because of what you have done for us.  Thanks very much!! Take care and Thanks again for everything.

Sunrise has been a mentor ever since I started manufacturing cultured marble over 10 years ago.  Doyle is very approachable and is always willing to answer or help out in any way possible and is always interested in how we are faring.
- Dapo

After the disappointment I had from the first company I dealt with I was hesitant to contact anyone else.  We had faulty molds and were not getting good after-sale support from that company. My hesitation and bothers  essentially went away after finding Sunrise.  The company is knowledgeable, supportive and honest and gave us better quality molds along with better prices.  With your support services we have increased confidence, improved quality, increased sales & profitability and since we discovered and have been dealing with your company, and with the knowledge and support you are always so willing to provide us we have decided to look no further.
- Segun

Doyle's proactive and matter-of-fact attitude when we first spoke on the phone went a long way to reducing the anxiety I was experiencing about getting in to the cultured marble business.  I had a plan but I also had some deep fears.  My plan was to set up the first cultured marble business in my country and my fear was whether I'll get the necessary support from far away USA for my factory after I had purchased the program.  My fears went away after I had a chat with the owner, Mr. Doyle Kaufman and have been making cultured marble since January of 2014 and I'm getting all the support I need.
- Anthony